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I Crossed the Finish Line!!

The final leg of this Marathon that I have been training for this past six months has finally arrived. With six chemotherapy treatments behind me, I Have Crossed the Finish Line – I Have Beat Cancer Once Again!!!!

I am now able to recuperate and allow my body to recover and heal itself. I’m Back ~ Max is Back!!

These past six months seem surreal to me. Maybe it is a survival mechanism that our bodies use to protect us, to allow us to do what it takes to get through the experience, without thinking or analyzing too much.

I leave behind the physical and emotional pain from the many restrictions I have had to live with – the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings that I have experienced will soon fade away and then it will all be behind me.

I take with me the gifts that cancer can bring with it. Even more patience, inner strength, total positivity, a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment and the care, love and support from so many beautiful people on this journey.

I am overwhelmingly grateful and thankful for the continuous support from my many relatives and friends around the world for sending me positive healing energy, positive thoughts, prayers and love on a continual basis throughout my treatment, especially my Steve who has been by my side throughout this entire journey and my family in Southern California – Jonathan, Liz & Isaac and Joshua & Lupe, who have been my biggest support from almost 6,000 miles away. They have been calling, texting and putting our precious grandson Isaac on video phone calls for us to see each other a few times a week. They also sent me little video clips of Isaac playing and talking and growing up in front of my eyes. He turned two years old June 18th.

We have so much to catch up with when we get home. It will be a long visit this time!! We want to be there to have special time with Isaac before the new baby comes in November, then be there for the birth of the new baby and have bonding time, and then to be there for the first few months to help Jonathan & Liz with both of them.

You have all been on my cancer journey with me – I did not do this alone – it was a team effort – God, myself, Steve, my kids & grandson Isaac, my relatives and friends, Cancer Support France (CSF), the French healthcare system – my doctor and his team of doctors, nurses, and all who took care of me in the hospital, the chemo clinic and my home nurses, my taxi driver Sam, everybody has played a part in my healing process.

I Did It!! ~ We Did It!! ~ Thank you to everyone of you for being by my side as I Crossed the Finish Line. I can now move on with my life.

As I Count my Many Blessings I Have this Peaceful Joyful Feeling in my Heart and Soul.

A Lightness ~ I’m Free (again) to Be Me ~ I’m Back ~ Max is Back!!

Life is Good….

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